We Bought A House!!!!


Well after 8 long months of transitioning from Gig Harbor back to our hometown we finally found the most perfect home for our family. It still feels like a dream. We had a vision of what our perfect home would be and this place far exceeded our expectations. Never in our wildest dreams could this place have worked out more perfectly. This is so much more than we imagined could be possible for us to buy. Feels so surreal that we did it. We bought our dream home. I can envision my grandkids playing in the yard here. Its sitting on right around 30 acres. Everyone right around us has a lot of land as well (like a lot, we are actually one of the smaller properties up here) so there is only a few neighbors and they are all living here for similar reasons to us. Its so nice and refreshing to be around like minded people again!

Here are a few pictures that we took back in November when we originally made the offer on the house.

We are just over the moon to be finally in our dream home.

Here is the outside of the house. There is a sun room on the top and bottom floor of this corner of the house. So lots of windows to let and keep the heat in. Also the view is pretty incredible so the windows are amazing to sit in front of and just look at the sunsets, the mountains, and all the wild life that lives up here. We don’t even need a TV anymore! Just sitting in front of the window is all the entertainment that we need.

Here is the amazing old barn! I can not wait to fill this with animals! And pretty much all of our family pictures will be takin in front of this from now on lol.

Another view from down below in the field.

This is looking our towards the back of the property. The property extends all the way up into those trees in the distance.

So many trees! Can’t wait to see when they all bloom out this spring.

This is how far the barn is from the house. It’s buried in snow right now and I need to venture out there with the snow shoes to see it soon.

This is our new awesome Smoke house! Can’t wait to process some meat in it this summer!

Here is Stephen’s pride and Joy. His new Shop. He is pretty stoked right now lol. I told him he can have the shop and I get the barn 😉

Here is looking up at the shop from the other side of the house. That little yellow building is the dogs

house 🙂

Right there on the lower corner is the hot tub!! I can not wait to fill that thing up and enjoy the nice heat and jets and the gorgeous summer sun sets <3

This is set up as a little doggy yard right now. Super nice to have a safe space that they can’t get out of while they get used to our new place.


The next several pictures are just beyond awesome. Something we never would have envisioned having in a million years. The gentleman that lived here before us was a butcher and seemed to be quite passionate about it from what we were told. So he had a little butcher shop set up at the house. It even has a giant walk-in freezer!! Just amazing!



So there is a mini tour of the place. We will have more pics and updates to come and we do our home improvement projects and get all set up here. So so excited for this next chapter in our lives. Every neighbor up here has reached out to us and been so kind and welcoming. We can not wait to create relationships with all of them. We are just so thrilled that we get to raise our family up here and make memories together in the place where Stephen and I grew up.

Stay Tuned 😉

~The Ewens


  • Tara says:

    How awesome!!

  • Gigi says:

    I’m happy for you and it looks like a wonderful place for the boys. How far out of town are you? We just enjoyed a visit with Oaken and family- so nice to see them and get to play with the two youngest kids. We had 14 family members at dinner last night. So fun. Have a special day with Betty and all. Luv U

    • Stephen and Teagan says:

      Hi Grandma! Its Stephen. We are about 30 minutes North of Spokane now. 10 Miles south of Chewelah. Caden and Forrest will still go to school there. I am glad you had a great time with Oaken and family. Good to hear from you. Love ya Stephen

  • Trish says:

    WOW that is awesome!!! I am so happy you guys found your dream home.

    That smoker house and the butcher area is so freaking amazing 🙂

  • marliss pack says:

    I am so happy for you guys. Your place really looks awsom. the perfect place. for your family of 4. Love Grandma

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