The Dentist!! Cavities or No?

Thank you to everyone who recommended The Children’s Place in Spokane. It was a great experience! 

I’m always a little nervous about how the kids teeth are! It feels like its a reflection on my parenting skills at this age still lol. Lord knows I am not the best at making sure they brush their teeth twice a day or have perfect form when they are doing it.

What I do make sure of is that they don’t drink juice. They don’t eat chewy candy (skittles, starbursts, gummy bears ect.) They also have NEVER had pop. Ever. I feel like this has a huge impact on their teeth health <3  Just my personal opinion.

Mama and Daddy chilling in the waiting room 😉




Caden hopped in the hot seat first.img_4657

Love seeing those pearly whites looking so good!img_4660

Forrest next. He’s not the biggest fan of the dentist but he did really good.img_4663

More Pearly Whites!img_4666

Everyone got X-rays too 😉img_4668

He thought this was soo cool! and we were all laughing because he found a “dog” on one of his molars. Do you see it?img_4671

Both of my boys have perfect teeth!img_4673

Yay for the no cavity club!!


Thanks for Reading!

~The Ewens

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