Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2017! It is so amazing that we are at the beginning of another year already! 2016 had some highs and a few lows. It was a big year of transition for our family. But we learned a lot of lessons and learned a lot about ourselves through it all. We are so looking forward to some exciting things happening in the near future!

Today was an amazing day! We played in the snow and just had a pajama day 🙂 We got a ton of fresh new snow over night so the boys and dogs couldn’t wait to go outside and play in it. I forgot how beautiful the snow can be. It has really been so much fun to watch our kids adjust to living in a place where it snows this much and sticks around for several months. It truly brings back the fun to winter for Stephen and I. Here is a few pics from the front yard shenanigans of the boys today.


This is their snow fort that they keep adding on to as we get fresh snow!


We hope you all had a great day and look forward to many happy times in the New Year!

Love The Ewens

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