Green Bluff Round 1 <3

Yay for a Fall Pumpkin Patch! We finally got to sneak away and go get some nice big orange pumpkins! We even had a special guest join us! Uncle Cameron! It is so awesome to live this close to family and be able to run in and do these kinds of things together <3

We have a local Farmers group over here call The Green Bluff Farms. There is over 40 farms I believe in an area and they all have different things that they offer year round! So cool! 

Today we stopped by Siemers and Harvest House. They don’t really have the farm going full swing during the week but it was still fun to go get some pumpkins. We will go back on a weekend so the kids get to do everything and we get some Pumpkin Donuts!

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Such a perfect fall day for the Pumpkin Patch <3 <3

Thanks for reading!

~The Ewens


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