Hello! Been a little busy this past week! Lots of melting snow and unpacking and organizing and cleaning still going on around here still. But we have managed to … Continue Reading →

The First Animal We Brought onto the Farm!

This is Lady! She is the newest member of our family!  She arrived late Friday evening to us. She is 9 weeks old now. She is a purebred German Shepherd. … Continue Reading →

The Spokane River

Took our little Forrest and the Dogs to cool off in the good old Spokane River. Ate some Ice Cream. Fed the ducks. Played fetch too of course. If you … Continue Reading →

The Shenanigans Of Some Cute Boys

This was a pic I snapped of the boys at the park on Mother’s Day. As Much as the fight they are best buds till the end. Caden and his … Continue Reading →

New Camera! | Pictures of The Farm

FINALLY bought a camera! We have been talking about this for years! Finally pulled the trigger last week and our camera showed up yesterday. Immediately went out and starting getting … Continue Reading →


  Our Chickens are really starting to pick up their production as we are starting to come into the longer days of spring. We purchased all of our girls from … Continue Reading →

Meet the Animals!

I Thought you might like to meet a few of the animals that we have around the farm. They are very much a part of our family and we love … Continue Reading →

The 5 Dollar Poultry Feeder

Standard 50lb poultry feeders at your local farm supply store are probably in the $50.00 range and if you are like me spending $50 for a chicken feeder that is … Continue Reading →