What a B-E-A-utiful day!! Dropped the kiddos off at school and the hubby and I got to go on a snow shoe adventure around the property. Everyday we just feel like this is a beautiful dream that we live here. But its not. Its our reality everyday! We get to snow shoe at our own house now!

We love that the Previous owner had this flag pole put here. We walk out everyday and see this first thing. God Bless America!

My snow shoeing partner and I this morning <3

This handsome guy is in heaven living here now. So much room for him to run now!

Just amazing looking up at the house.

Our Gunner would do anything for you to throw the tennis ball 🙂

Our little creek that sprung up during the thaw out.

This handsome guy <3

I was so happy to have found evidence of spring! The fruit trees are budding!

Gunner just taking it all in. Love this dog.

An end to another amazing day 🙂

Thanks for reading! How did you all spend the first day of March?

~The Ewens


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