Hello! Been a little busy this past week! Lots of melting snow and unpacking and organizing and cleaning still going on around here still. But we have managed to fit in some fun too 😉

Here are some pictures that I took on a family walk around the property last week.


Our Little Lady learning to walk on the leash.

This little spring is about twice this size now! Just one week later! Forrest is quite the picture poser 😉

Our Handsome Boys that we love so much.

Love these blue sky winter days <3

This is a framer for sure! Love these 2 little boys! So happy they get to grow up here!

Handsome Daddy. He loves it when I take his picture 😉

Our other beautiful boy Gunner.

Lady wasn’t too sure about the boys sledding down the hill.

Forrest said “Look Mom a Giant Pencil!”

It’s Pretty fun to see what we find in the barn.

Checkin things out every where. They were creeped out that there might be spiders there 😉

They are slowly discovering how much awesome stuff there is to climb on and explore. Now that the pesky white stuff is finally melting 😉

Caden caught the ball Gunner was after and now he’s realizing Gunner with tackle him for it! haha

My Little Climber

My Handsome Caden. Having so much fun exploring on this day.

Gunner teaching his little Lady how to play nice

We just can’t get over that sweet little face. I wished they stayed this tiny a little bit longer than they do. I swear she is already twice this size only a week later.

One or both of them has to sit on this overtime we walk by it. So cool that it stayed with the property 🙂

Well thanks so much for reading! Sorry this was a little bit in the past but it was too good not to share 🙂

Have a great night!

~The Ewens

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