2/28/17 More Snow??!!

We got about 4-5inches of fresh snow last night! February decided to go out with a bang! But we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise and had a gorgeous day with fresh powdery snow. It got pretty stinking warm today too! Lots of snow was melting. The boys decided it was the perfect day to test out the new sledding hill and make a snow man 🙂


This was Caden and Forrest making the long trek back up to the top of the hill

Forrest sledding down the hill!

Daddy and Caden were next! Gunner had to get a piece of that action too!

Building a giant snowman!

They were waving to their paparazzi mama up at the house 😉

Just so beautiful! This has no filter on it. Just gorgeous blue sky winter day.

Caden went down to our little seasonal creek we got going on down in the lower field. He strapped the snow shoes on and had a blast. He had to take multiple breaks because its fun to fall down in the snow 😉

We haven’t seen this view of the house very much with all the snow we have had this winter.

Caden out at the barn. I am madly in love with this old barn 🙂 And that boy 😉

They are going to sleep so good tonight!

The most beautiful sunset to end a great day. Pretty excited to catch these sunsets year round and see how they change. We don’t even need a tv anymore. With all the windows over looking these pretty sunsets, elk and deer in the pasture, coyotes, cows, bald eagles and so much more that we haven’t seen yet. It’s never going to be boring looking outside. Hope you all had a amazing day wherever you are in the world. I know we did.

Thanks for reading!

~The Ewens

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